Flatrate DSL providers comparison

Welcome, you will find on these pages a detailed comparison of DSL Flat recommended Flatrate DSL providers and tariffs, the ability to order DSL as well as tips and info on DSL and flat. Because now more than 20 million households in Germany over a DSL connection, have the DSL technology and the flat rate to a mass phenomenon, therefore it is not surprising that the providers deliver persistent price war, to benefit particularly for newcomers Time: Liberation connection charges, free modem / router are now the norm. A general recommendation for a DSL provider can not be pronounced, because there is no particularly good or bad DSL providers there. The flat rate DSL providers and tariffs differ only in customer service, additional services and cost in the month, which, however, change almost daily. If they have questions on the subject, please answer this info (AED) digitalsoul.de. You can set a bookmark, since our Web address with double "-" is written (www. Dsl - - flatrate. de).
Have fun DSL flatrate surfing wishes Marco Hölker-Wehde, digital soul - media production (berlin/german)


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